The Curious case of IPL Cricket!

Which are the top most TRP earners for media?
No reward for the right answer. The most popular three categories of news in India: Politics, Cricket and Bollywood. The order may vary for some of us.

And if we combine all three of them we get the three letter magic wand – IPL! Yes, all ‘non –cricketing’ factors are getting more mileage just before the upcoming season of the IPL.

It all started with IPL-3 cricketers’ auction when none of the 11 Pakistani players available for bidding were hired by any of the eight franchisees. And Indo-Pak relation got entangled into a fresh quagmire.
Kolkata Knight Riders’ owner Shahrukh Khan brought in Bollywood when he said that he was upset at the treatment meted out to the Pakistani players. Amir and Big B also voiced support for Pakistani players. This was enough to invite the ultra-nationalist and jingoistic groups like Shiv Sena to come into the scene by threatening Shahrukh for his support of Pakistani players and wanted to ban the release of Sharukh’s forth coming movie – My name is Khan.

Spring time for media

Media is very happy with all such sensational stories as their TRP hunger got satiated greatly but everything happened at the cost of gentleman’s game. The actual game has taken the back seat as far as IPL 3 is concerned. Cricket no longer seems to be the focal point at least till now and it is more about political circus, being played on IPL platform.
Lalit Modi must thank Shiv Sena for all such drama as the saying goes:  any publicity is good publicity!


Who knows – the celebrity-politics-media and cricket nexus is now so powerful that they can cook up any obnoxiously ‘engineered’ story and dish out to naïve Indians like us!
The doubt is more for obvious reason – The sponsors of the tournament seem to be on cloud nine as publicity for IPL 3 seems hits the roof as the name IPL is in everybody’s lips now without them having to shell out anything extra!
Some people say that SRK chipped in deliberately for the sake of the publicity of his forth coming movie – My Name is Khan! First make the situation controversial and thus get the entire eyeball on it and then roll out at theater for already curious crowd. Sure shot strategy? Who knows!

Definitely after Amir Khan’s thumping success in Three Idiots, It’s time for SRK to answer and answering in marketing gimmick first! Bollywood marketing is as innovative as possible lately and rating of movie is no longer sacrosanct. So even more high voltage marketing shock for Indian crowd is being beamed and the current cynosure ‘Manoranjan ka  Baap’ –IPL is the latest marketing vehicle.

Cricket suffers

Will Lalit Modi correct the things? Hardly any chance, as he means only business.
Condition of cricket is like a prostitute now. Everybody is using and abusing it for their own benefit (read: Fayda). For some people, it’s a place for quick money ( like one night stand) and for some it’s a cash cow to milk for long time ( steady customer ).
 Hapless cricket is left high and dry….cruelly alone.


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